Aesthetic stomatology at the Pavlovic Clinic  

In this day and age, the stomatology has become almost an almighty industry. In addition to achieving the functionality of mouth and teeth, which has always been an imperative, nowadays, the aesthetic stomatology is also steadily growing in relevance. Beauty, regularity and whiteness of teeth are requests posed commonly in front of stomatologists. Of course, the essential need for healthy and beautiful gums surrounding them is accentuated, as well.

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1. White fillings – composite resins

Going to the dentist nowadays cannot be imagined without aesthetically pleasing white fillings. Long time ago, amalgam – silver fillings were a standard. With the progress of science, chemical composition of the fillings also advanced, thus making the composite raisins more mechanically robust, besides being aesthetically satisfying. Due to that, they are the material of choice for both front and lateral teeth. 

2. Composite and ceramic veneers 

If we want to reshape the look of the teeth (front teeth most commonly), the least invasive method for your teeth are the veneers. Minimal preparation is necessary and it includes filing down of teeth and taking impressions to obtain composite or ceramic resins. When cemented, they completely change your appearance, making you look perfect.

3. Aesthetic crowns – ceramic or zirconium 

In addition to being dental substitutes, the crowns made out of these materials also have a high aesthetic performance. The materials diffuse the light very similar to natural teeth and make for a very natural appearance.  

4. Orthodontic therapy

Irregular tooth rows are most easily fixed with the orthodontic therapy. However, the patients often shy away from this method, as it implies the wearing of metal fixed braces for a longer time period. At the Pavlovic Clinic, we offer you the most advanced orthodontic method – aligners for teeth straightening. Being completely clear, they satisfy even the highest aesthetic standards.

5. Tooth whitening

If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth, the Pavlovic Clinic can offer you services of teeth whitening at home or in-office. Furthermore, there is an option of teeth whitening in case individual teeth have changed their colour, after the “tooth nerve removal”.

6. Gingivectomy and gingivoplasty 

The so called “gummy smile” is an aesthetic issue when the gums extensively cover the outer teeth surface. In that case we typically perform the removal of gingiva, and so called lengthening of the tooth clinical crown. Such interventions are usually followed by gingivoplasty, the surgical remodelling of gum tissue around the teeth to bring them to a desired shape and position.

7. Implants

In case we need to compensate for a missing tooth, without having to fil down the adjacent healthy teeth, the best solution we can offer at the Pavlovic Clinic are dental implants. During a brief intervention under local anaesthesia, implant is placed in the jaw replacing the tooth root. This is a base for subsequent prosthetic work – metal-ceramic or aesthetic crowns, compensating for the part of the tooth above the bone – former tooth crown.

If you want to keep your amazing smile or want to us to help you get the smile you have always wanted, call as and schedule your appointment.
Keep in mind that dental exams and consultations at our Clinic are free of charge for all patients who undergo the intervention they need. For others, the dental exam costs 1.500,00 dinars.



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