preventivni pregledi, dečija stomatologijaThe eruption of deciduous (milk) teeth begins between 4 and 10 months of age. The best time for a child’s first dental visit is assumed to be around the time of emergence of the first tooth.

That first visit to the dentist should be a pleasant experience. The dentist will examine the new tooth and give advice and counsel to the parents on how to take proper care of child’s oral hygiene. 

Why are deciduous teeth important?

Many parents believe that milk teeth are not that important because they will get replaced with the permanent ones, but this attitude is wrong. Milk teeth should be nurtured and their life extended as much as possible. Around the age of 12, the last milk tooth is replaced by the permanent one. This is quite a long time, thus, it is in the child’s best interest to have healthy teeth for as long as possible. Further, a premature extraction of milk teeth can lead to enlargement of reduction of space between the teeth, which can sometimes result in permanent teeth settling in improper position during the eruption. That’s why refer to the milk teeth as „the guardians of space in a child’s mouth“. 

Why is preventive dental exam important?

Preventive exams are pillars of oral health of every child. Parents should check their child’s teeth regularly, but also take them to the paediatric stomatologist for a proper dental exam once every six months. It often happens that parents miss something which cannot happen in the everyday practice of our experienced dentists. 

When a child is old enough to actively participate in its first real dental exam, it will serve only to get to know the dentist. The child will also learn how a dental chair looks like, which “props” accompany it, and the whole dental office will become a familiar environment where a child will feel safe and comfortable.

By the time a certain intervention becomes necessary – tooth extraction or dental treatment, the child will already be accustomed to going to the dentist and won’t feel any resentment. This is crucial, as we have witnessed in our practice situations when a child doesn’t even want to sit in the chair, let alone agree to the intervention.  

By occasional visits to the dentist, once every six months, such situation can be easily avoided. This way, the child will gain trust in its dentist, and get to perceive this new environment as friendly. 

Paediatric stomatology at the Pavlovic Clinic

Paediatric stomatology is one of the most important specialties at the Pavlovic Clinic. Our dentists have an extensive experience in working with children. They are patient and devoted and children grow to like and trust them quickly. This is a sound basis for a successful future relationship of cooperation. 

Preventive dental exams - price

Preventive dental exams for children who are our regular patients are free of charge at our Clinic. 

For others, the dental exam costs 1.500,00 dinars. 

After establishment of the diagnosis, the services are charged according to our price list.

Make your appointment at the Dr Pavlovic Clinic at 011/3822-331. 

We are eager to meet our new young patients! 



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