protetikaUntil recently, the prosthetics used to include full (complete) dentures and metal-ceramic bridges, but fortunately, it has advanced a greeat deal. In the past, the main objective of the prosthetics was to enable the patient to chew and function normally, whereas nowadays, the prosthetics can achieve so much more. Stomatologists acknowledge that the high quailty aesthetic results and natural look are equally important as the chewing without obstacles. The advancing of prosthetics has also enabled less invasive procedure and diminished the overburdening of the teeth. Today, you can choose between many options:   

  • Veneers, with the aim to improve the eastethic results 

  • Crowns, due to easthetic resons and loss of dental pulp 

  • Crowns on implants, in patients with implants 

  • Bridges, after the loss of several teeeth 

  • Partial dentures, due to the loss of more teeth 

  • Total dentures, due to the loss of all teeth 

  • Full (complete) dentures on implants, in toothless patients with unfavorable anatomy of alveolar ridges 

Which one of these services is the best choice for you? 

We recommend that you schedule your first appointment at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic and find out. 

Our professional and caring staff and favorable terms of repayment will help you choose the best option for yourself.

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