Jaw orthopedics

ortopedija vilica, ortodoncijaJaw orthopedics is a specialty in stomatology which help us guide the teeth into a desired position and straighten „crooked“ teeth, as patients often say. There are plenty of options, ranging from straightening with fixed dentures, removable braces, or using the aligners, which are growing in popularity. Nowadays, aesthetic standards are set very high, so there are patients with very mild and discrete irregularities who still want an improvement, as well as those with severe skeletal deformities. 

Depending on the severity of the situation, age and general dental conditions, after detailed examinations, we make a choice upon the type of treatment which is adjusted to fit each of our patients. A certain number of patients chooses orthodontic therapy for aesthetic reasons only, aiming for faster results in achieving a beautuful smile.  Whenever possible, it is recommended to opt for an orthodontic therapy - achieving a pretty smile and preserving the teeth at the same time. It is important to note that there is no age limit.  

There are appliances which are tailor-made to suit young children at the age of 2, for weaninig off bad habits such as thumb sucking, removable braces for preschool and school aged children, as well as fixed braces, which are indicated for both children and grown ups.  

Often, fixed braces are made as a preparation for a prosthetic treatment in older patients, in whom paradontopathy has caused unwanted movement of teeth. In such cases, the first step is to bring the teeth in a desired position, and fitting the crowns comes as a next step. 

With all these options, there really is no need to hide your teeth away, because anyone can achieve a pretty smile.

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