Paediatric dentistry is one of the main branches of dentistry.

A child’s first visit and first contact with the stomatologist is the single most important moment in the entire patient-stomatologist relationship. Precisely at that moment, the child forms his attitude towards the stomatologist, which mostly stays on during adulthood. It is not uncommon in our practice to see an adult patient who loathes going to the dentist due to some negative and painful childhood experience. It usually results in a bad condition of the mouth and teeth, which later on makes it harder to fix. That is why a paediatric stomatologist has a critical task of winning over the trust of their young patients, so they can jointly take good care of the child’s oral health.

Here at the Pavlovic Clinic we strive to achieve good communication with our young patients. We also try to make all interventions painless, to avoid that a child develops a feeling of aversion towards going to the dentist. We always remind the parents that regular preventative exams are the pillar of great oral health.

When a child comes to our Clinic, we perform a dental exam and make a plan of therapy. Sometimes it’s better that the first visit serves just to get to know one another, and that any interventions, if needed, are done at the next appointment.

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Stomatology for children at the Pavlovic Clinic consists of the following services:

  • Preventative exams for children
  • Fissure sealants procedure
  • Extraction of deciduous teeth
  • Deciduous teeth repair
  • Education about proper oral hygiene
  • Myobrace appliances - trainers

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