zalivanje fisuraPrimary teeth are very important. They should be preserved and done everything to prevent their decay. With the eruption of the permanent teeth, our youngest patients take on an even greater responsibility for their care, as they don’t have successors.   

What are fissure sealants and how do they work? 

If you’ve ever been observing your tooth, you’ve probably noticed that biting surfaces contain tiny lines and dents. These are pits and fissures. This is where tooth decay usually begins, as in these areas food is easily sustained and bacteria multiplied.    

When we say – fissure sealants, we have in mind a procedure in which all those pits and fissures are sealed with a sealant, thus preventing the occurrence of tooth decay. 

When do we need a fissure sealant procedure?

Right after the eruption of the first permanent teeth –permanent molars, so called „sixes“, you should bring your child to the dentist. The stomatologist will determine whether a tooth has fully erupted and healthy.  If both conditions are met, the tooth makes an excellent candidate for fissure sealant.  

In addition to sixes, we can have fissure sealants on other permanent molars - “sevens”, as well as pre-molars – “fourths and fives”. 

How does a fissure sealant procedure look like?

The procedure lasts less than 10 minutes, if the child cooperates and is completely pain-free.

  1. Removing all soft debris from the teeth. It is done by a special brush and abrasive paste.
  2. Etching the tooth by using orthophosphoric acid to cleanse and condition the external layer of the enamel for the sealant. 
  3. Placing a thin layer of the sealant, and applying the curing light.

In addition to making a physical barrier between the tooth and bacteria (dental plaque), the fissure sealant overtime releases fluoride, an important factor in caries prevention. 

Can a tooth with sealed fissures get caries?

It is important to note that fissure sealing doesn’t replace tooth brushing and regular oral hygiene. 

The sealant wears off in time at it needs to be replaced or refilled after a year or two. Preventative exams have an important role, as they allow the stomatologist to monitor condition of teeth and notice changes, thus timely preventing the caries. The sealants don’t fully protect the teeth from decay, but are an important factor in its prevention. 

Parents should understand that preservation of permanent teeth is critical. Their loss leaves long-lasting consequences for child’s oral health. Unfortunately, this is generally understood when it is already too late.

Make sure your child receives the best possible care of their oral health and call our stomatologists today. They will determine whether it’s the right time to protect the permanent teeth and apply fissure sealants on every tooth which qualifies.

Fissure sealants - price 

The price of fissure sealant is RSD 1,500. This symbolic price is our contribution to raising the awareness on the importance of preventative dental care, especially with children!

Prevention is better than cure! 

We take care of your child’s smile!

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