Wisdom teeth, i.e. third molars are the final teeth to erupt. They usually appear when a person is in their late teens or early twenties, but there are no rules. Wisdom teeth can also appear quite early, as well as later on in life. Since they are the last teeth to emerge, it often happens that there is no room left in the mouth to accomodate them. That is the reason for the wisdom tooth extraction. The complications occur if a person acts too late, that is, if a wisdom tooth without sufficient room is left in the mouth and it gets „trapped“ – emerges partially through the gums, and partially remains in the bone. Because this area is hard to see and clean, an infection may occur, which can become serious due to the anatomic position of the wisdom tooth. If that happens, it is easy for an infection to spread in other areas, which can be life threatening. Thus, it is advisable to remove the wisdom teeth before this problem happens, if the stomatologist recommends it. Often, the wisdom tooth extraction is also indicated before the orthodontic and prosthetic therapy. 

vadjenje umnjakaIs it necessary to operate a wisdom tooth? 

The extraction of the wisdom tooth, as with the other teeth, can be:

  • Routine 
  • Complicated 
  • Surgical

The choice of the method depends on the position of the wisdom tooth, its distance from surrounding structures and possible existance of infection. It also depends on whether the tooth has grown in completely or is partially hidden by the jawbone or gums. An operation is a standard procedure for an impacted wisdom tooth – the one that has not fully emerged. The stomatologist would recommend you to do an X-Ray of both jaws, which will clearly show the position of the wisdom tooth in relation to other structures, and make a further plan of therapy. It should be stressed that, whatever method your stomatologist chooses as the most appropiate one, you shouldn’t be afraid of the pain. Every intervention at the Clinic is performed with a mandatory local anesthesia. In complicated and surgical extractions, pain may appear after the intervention, and in that case, the patient is prescribed with painkillers. After a few days, the pain ceases. 

It is very important for the patient to adhere to the instructions prepared by the stomatologist or the oral surgeon after the wisdom tooth operation or extraction. Primarily, hot food and drinks, as well as smoking should be avoided, as theese can prolong the time of bleeding. Further, the attention should be paid on the choice of painkillers; the stomatologist should be consulted on this, as some analgesics, such as Andol or Aspirin may also prolong the bleeding. It is against advice to rinse the wound too much, as it can remove the healthy blood cloth. The removal of the blood cloth disables normal healing of the wound, thus prolonging the entire process and making it painful.  

Wisdom tooth extraction price 

  • The cost of routine extraction is RSD 3,000
  • The cost of complicated extraction is RSD 5,000 

Operation of the wisdom tooth price 

The cost of the surgical removal of the wisdom tooth costs RSD 12,000.

This intervention, as well as all other services at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic, can be paid by cash, checks, credit/debit cards and through administrative order.



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