Removable braces

mobilna proteza, mobilna proteza za decu, proteza za decuRemovable braces for „interceptive treatment“ of children are mobile orthodontic appliances serve to guide the teeth into a desired position and support the development of the jaw bone. Therapy with removable braces has many advantages. It can help to guide the growth of the jaw in a desired direction, thus preventing more difficult orthodontic anomalies. Night braces, as children often refer to them, are easy to wear and patients have no problem adapting to them in childhood. Our technicians are very creative in coming up with attractive designs, which may also help to engage and motivate children to comply with the therapy.  

When is the right time to begin the removable braces therapy?

It depends on a type of dental challenge that a child has. Some problems can be corrected at the age of 6, when a child should start wearing the braces, while for some other anomalies we need to wait for the proper age – 10 years for the girls and 12 years for the boys, coinciding with the pre-puberty growth spur. Therefore, we recommend that the child pays a visit to the Jaw Orthopedic Specialist by the age of 6 or 7 at the latest, when he/she will assess whether it’s the right time to begin the therapy.

Which braces are better – removable or fixed?

Removable and fixed braces are used to treat different issues and therefore are not comparable. They are also used at different ages; while removable braces are mostly used in the mixed dentition phase, ie. when both deciduous & permanent teeth are in the oral cavity, fixed braces are used at the permanent dentition phase, that is, when all deciduous teeth are gone from the mouth, at 12 years of age.

Why should we fit a child with removable braces when he/she would wear a fixed braces at one point, anyway? 

mobilna proteza, mobilna proteza za decu, proteza za decuParents often ask that question. The assumption is not correct. In majority of orthodontic cases for which a removable braces therapy is indicated, the teeth can be completely straightened with the interceptive treatment. For this to happen, it is essential that a child wears the braces as per stomatologist’s instructions, which is 16 hours a day, at least. On the other hand, if a child has a more serious deviation, the parents are informed at the beginning of the therapy that the treatment after the removable braces should be continued with the fixed braces. In such cases, removable braces serve to alleviate the anomaly, that is, to change the direction of jaw growth, which significantly improves the end result. There are also situations when removable braces cannot help and such patients are advised to wait for the proper age to begin the fixed braces therapy.

Removable braces - price

The price of the removable braces for children is EUR 250 per jaw. This amount can be paid in installments, by checks, credit cards or administrative order. You can choose the option that suits you best.

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