zubni implanti, zubni implantati, ugradnja implanta, implantologijaIn the last few decades, the implantology has whitnessed a great expansion. The implantology, alongside prosthetics, should be given the credit for putting back the smile upon the faces of  patients who had lost one or more teeth. If you are missing just one tooth, dental implants are an ideal solution. By installing an implant and crown on top of the implant, we can completely compensate for the missing tooth, both functionally and aesthetically.  

We can do this by filing down the two adjacent teeth and making a bridge. Even though it is cheaper, we still need to file the teeth, which leads to the irrecoverable loss of dental tissue, especially in healthy teeth. If you are missing more teeth, we can make a bridge on the implants and resolve the issue of toothless gaps. A method which has been growing in popularity is called „all on 4“ or „all on 6“ and implies the installment of bridges on the entirely toothless jaws, thus avoiding full/complete dentures which have been, until recently, the only solution for this problem. As far as the patient is concerned, the procedure is quite simple. After the scanning and detailed analysis, we begin the procedure of installing the implants. We leave them to heal for about 8 to 12 weeks and after that, we begin the prosthetic treatment. In the meantime, the patient receives temporary dental crowns, hence completely avoiding the toothlesness.  Crowns on implants look very nice and natural and even patients with no teeth at all can retreive the youthfull look with the fixed prosthetic work. The success rate of the implantology is nowadays etremely high, above 95%, thus it’s no wonder that the demand for implants is growing stronger by the day. 



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