Prostethics on Implants

By attaching the implant, we have finished one of the major tasks in tooth substitution. Now we need to place the crown on the implant or a bridge carried by the implants. The crowns can be metal-ceramic or non-metallic. The difference between the types of crowns is explained on the page The Crowns. Depending on the method of attachment of the crown to the implant, we diferentiate between: 

  • The crowns attached with a screw have several advantages: they can be unscrewed by the stomatologist at the Clinic and be fastened again; the use of cement is avoided which eliminates complications...

  • On the other hand, cemented crowns in some cases may give us aesthetically more pleasing result.

Special method of substitution for all teeth in patients who either don’t have any teeth or have teeth indicated for extraction is called „All-on-4“. This is a method of making and installing implants and temporary bridge in just one day, thus allowing the patient not to spend a single day without their teeth. After 4 to 6 weeks, a permanent denture is finalized. The method not only improves the quality of life but is meant to last for life. 

When resorption of the alveolar ridge occurs in patients who wear fixed prosthesis, and especially in the case of the lower jaw, it sometimes happens that the prosthesis moves. That makes patients feel insecure and uncomfortable while eating and laughing. This is easily solved by installing two or four implants or mini-implants, while the denture is strengthened with parts which fix the prosthesis to the implants. A denture attached in this way doesn’t move and  our senior patients immediately feel relieved and their confidence restores. 

Prostethics on Implants – price

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