Dental bridges 

Until recently, the dental bridges were the most used method to compensate for a missing tooth, until they were outperformed by crowns on dental implants. They are still frequently used, due both to their affordable price and speed of achieving the results. 

If one tooth is missing, it is neccesary to file down two teeth, adjacent to the space of the missing tooth which will serve as the bridge carriers and bear the cemented compensation. They will assume the pressure of chewing and the missing tooth, which is aceptable in the situation when only one tooth is missing. However, if more teeth are missing, the carriers would be under much greater pressure, leading to overburdening and adversely affecting periodontium, i.e. supportive tissue of the carrier teeth. For these reasons, the patients are advised to completely remove the bridge after 6-8 years and install a new one, adjusted to the new conditions in the mouth. The dental bridge is also an optimal solution for persons who suffer from paradontopathy, with mildly unsteady teeth, since bridging all teeth of one jowl would strengthen their firmness and prolong their life.

The bridge, the same as the crowns, can be made of:

  • Metal-ceramic 

  • Non-metallic, i.e. zircon crowns  

Both types of material have their advantages. The advantage of metal-ceramic bridges are their affordable price and nice appearance, while the bridges with zirconic crowns are very natural looking. The treatment plan is prepared for each patient individually, in consultation with the patient and with respect to his/her whishes and circumstances,

„ How much time will I have to spend with my teeth filed down?“ – is one of the frequently asked question. Don’t worry, all patients at the Pavlovic Dental Clinc receive temporary crowns cemented on the filed teeth and wear them until the final placement of the actual crowns. 

Dental bridges – Price:  

Price of the dental bridges depends on the number of crowns which are being made. To calculate the price, you can multiply the price of an individual crown with the number of crowns you are planning to make. 

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