Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are one of our most useful allies for the achievement of a beautiful smile. Beyond that, they are used to obtain a healthy and functional bite. To find out whether you are the right candidate for a fixed denture therapy, you need to do an X-ray and and after your stomatologist has analyzed the recording and taken your teeth impressions, he/she will inform you about your prospective therapy and expected results. The therapy itself lasts about 18 months, with regular monthly checkups. Fixed dentures for teeth straightening are not painful, as many fear. Occasionaly, a mild discomfort when chewing emerges, but it is only temporary and there’s no need for painkillers. A little more care in choosing foodstuffs and diligence in washing the teeth is all it takes for everyone to have a pretty smile. Not hard, is it?  

You probably wonder, how come that teeth stay in the attained position during liftime? Well, we help them a little bit. After removing the fixed dentures, we take impressions for retainers, that is, aligners. They are to be worn at night, after you remove your dentures, without worrying whether your teeth will remain in the desired position. 

fiksna proteza, nevidljiva proteza, čelična fiksna proteza, estetska fiksna protezaThere are two types of fixed dentures which are most frequently used - metal and aesthetic dentures.

Metal dentures

Metal dentures are an excellent choice. They will help you straighten your teeth quickly and efficiently and give you an adorable smile. They are very popular, especially with youth and teenagers. We can play around with colors of ligature ties which get replaced at every checkup, thus completely altering the look of the dentures. 

Aesthetic dentures

Aesthetic dentures, i.e. invisible fixed dentures are a great choice, particularly for more mature patients, for whom a communication with a lot of people during their daily jobs somewhat discourages the use of metal ones, such as persons working in the media, etc. There are two types of aesthetic dentures most commonly used – saphire glass and ceramic dentures. Both look great on teeth, and their color simply merges with the color of the teeth, so hence their „invisibility“. 

Fixed dentures - price

The price of the fixed denture is not that steep anymore – it amounts EUR 650 per jaw. Also, this amount can be paid by checks, credit/debit cards, in installments and through administrative order. The price of aesthetic dentures is EUR 850 per jaw.  

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