Artificial bone grafting (bone augmentation)

ugradnja veštačke kosti, augmentacija kostiThe loss of bone occurs inevitably after the tooth extraction. The longer we wait to install an implant, the bigger the bone loss will be, and at one point we won’t have sufficent bone in which to graft in an implant. Even worse, easthetic criteria wouldn’t be met because we need to have a natural shape of the dental line and soft tissues in order for the prosthetic work to look naturally and nicely. 

Artifical bone grafting can be performed in several ways: using own bone (autologous bone replacement), using bio-material (beef bone, bio-os) or using a combined method.  We also use PRF (Plated Rich Fibrin, obtained by centrifuging the patient’s blood) -  growth factors which help a lot in growing a new bone and blood vessels. The artificially engrafted bone is actually a base around which our organism will grow own new bone in a few months time, thus enabling the installment of the implant. The artificial bone grafting is usually accompanied by the use of membranes, resorptive and non-resorptive, which also increase the successful outcome of the entire procedure.

In addition to being used as a base onto which the implant is attached, the artifical bone grafting is also used for achieveing greater aesthetic results, especially in the area of upper front teeth, as they are the most exposed to viewing.

How does the operation look like?  

After a mandatory application of the local anaesthetic, we lift up the part that has been cut, that is, the mucuous membrane. The first step is to prepare the surface of the bone for augmentation. After that, the artifical bone is then grafted together with previosuly prepared PRF, the membrane is placed on top of it, and the mucous membrane is returned to its place. The last step is sewing the gums back up. The patients need to wait 4 to 6 months for the new bone to grow before installing an implant.    

In less difficult cases, with smaller bone loss, both the artificial bone and the implant can be engrafted during the same procedure. This is obviously more favorable for the patient, because the end results are achieved much quicker and the stress of having to undergo two surgical procedures is avoided.  

How does the recovery process look like?

The same applies as with all oral-surgical procedures, the patient is prescribed with analgesics and antibiotics. The patients are advised to avoid hot food and drinks and analgesics which may prolong the bleeding time, such as aspirin and others. After just a few hours, the patient feels excellent, and after 7 to 12 days, the stitches are removed.  

Price of the Artifical bone grafting: EUR 80-200 

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