Straightening teeth with aligners

 folije za ispravljanje zubaStraightening teeth without braces is a very popular method. It implies the making of  aligners to move the teeth. Those should not be confused with the aligners made for wearing after the fixed denture, which serve to preserve the progress achieved. It can be said that the Clear-align system is a truly revolutionary technique. This therapy method is much simpler and more comfortable for the patient. It is practically invisible on teeth, ie. aligners are completely clear and are therefore aesthetically extremely favorable, especially for adult patients working in professions which do not support wearing of fixed dentures. Further, there are no limitations when it comes to food choices, as is the case with patients undergoing a treatment with fixed dentures. Another great advantage is that there are no monthly dental checkups, instead patients can visit the dentist every few months, which is also practical for the patients who live abroad.

The procedure is the following: During the first visit to the Jaw Orthodontic Specialist, after a thorough examination and conversation about the goals and possibilites of therapy, the jaw impressions are made and digitally scanned. After a few days, the patient receives an information about the number of aligners necessary for straightening the teeth, as well as video-presentation which shows how exactly the teeth move and what the final result will be. It is very practical and useful for the patient to know the end result at the beginning of the therapy. In several days, the patients receives custom made aligners and detailed instruction about wearing and maintenance. During the same appointment, patient’s teeth are photographed, which allows for precise monitoring of the therapy progression. Each aligner is worn for one month, approximatelly 18 hours a day. After that, the first aligner is removed and the patient puts on another one to wear it for the next month. The length of therapy depends on the adversity of the problem, i.e. on the number of aligners necessary to straighten the teeth. Minor deviations can be fixed with 2-3 aligners, whereas for more serious cases, up to 12 aligners might be necessary, or about a year of therapy.    

After the goal has been reached and following the orthodontic checkup, the retention phase begins, which means that the patients continues to wear the last aligner, but only during the night, as it is sufficient to help sustain the achieved results.  

Straightening Teeth With Aligners - Price

The price for this therapy method is determined on a case-by-case basis and depends on the gravity of the problem or the numer of aligners needed to achieve the goal. The price of a single aligner is EUR 100, so for the patient requiring 3 aligners, the price of therapy would be EUR 300.

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