Unless we cure the carries, the infection would spread and consumes the pulp. If the pulp is left untreated, the infection would spread through the root canal to the tip of the root contaminating the bone around it. Sometimes the cyst can appear at the tip or the apex of the tooth. How serious the infection will be depends on how long the tooth infection has lasted as well as individual conditions. If the conservative treatment didn’t lead to expected results, the surgical proceduree apicoectomy – that is, the resection of the tip of the root is being performed.  The first step is to do an X-ray, in order to assess the diffusion of the infection and its distance from the sourrounding anatomical structures.  Based on the X-ray, our oral surgeeon assesses the appropriateness of the procedure and other possible options. If the apicoectomy is confirmed as the best solution, and it is certainly better than extracting a tooth, the surgeon schedules an intervention.   

apikotomija, resekcija vrha korena zuba, odsecanje vrha korena zuba

The application of local anaesthetic completely eliminates any pain from the intervention. A small incision is made at the tip of the rooth and special instruments are used to remove the infected bone. The tip of the rooth is also cut. The intervention lasts 60 minutes at the most, and our surgeons will do their best to make this experience as pleasant as possible for their patients. The last step is to sew the gums back up. If a mild pain occurs after the intervention, the analgesics should be administered. The day after, the patients should come back for a check up so the surgeon can monitor and assess how the recovery is going, thus eliminating any possibility of complications, and discuss with the patient any discomfort that he/she might be feeling. Stitches are removed after 7 days, by which time the patient is almost fully recovered.   

Apicoectomy is a very good procedure for the treatment of the „tooth cyst“ and in most cases delivers excellent results, which means that a seriosuly infected tooth is saved from extraction. Later on, such tooth can be prothetically treated, if need be, by installing  a tooth crown or making the tooth a part of a bridge.   

Apicoectomy – price

Price of the resection of the rooth tip at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic is EUR 125. 

This intervention, as well as all other services at our Clinic, can be paid by cash, checks, credit/debit cards and through administrative order. 



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