After making your appointment at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic, you can relax and let our stomatologist take full care of your teeth!

At your first appointment, our doctors will explain you in detail the condition of your teeth and suggest a plan of therapy. If needed, we shall perform additional diagnostics - X-ray screening and retro-alveolar radiography, the so called “small image of the tooth”, which are great tools for making the right diagnosis.  

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The most wanted services in the field of dental diseases and endodontics 

1. Tooth filling 
2. Root canal treatment – endodontics. 

Tooth filling is always a painless procedure at our Clinic. We strongly believe that dental procedure should not cause any pain and all our patients leave the Clinic with the smile on their faces. Your toothache will last until you sit in our dental chair. 

White fillings (composite resins) are a “must have” in a modern aesthetic stomatology. We are keeping up with all the latest developments in our field of work and use only the best materials available at the market. 

Inflammation of dental pulp tissue (pulpitis), tooth gangrene, pain – these are the issues resolved by our specialists thoroughly and professionally. Everything at our Clinic is adjusted to the patient’s needs and their comfort. Precisely because of that, the endodontics – root canal treatment is done manually, but also mechanically, with the most up to date appliances. Interventions are shorter and easier for the patient.   

Keep in mind that by checking your teeth regularly at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic, you will completely forget about these issues. Meticulous exams and appropriate interventions will help the prevention of most of the mentioned problems. 

It is high time you made your appointment with us. 

If you decide to become our patient, the exams and consultations are free at our Clinic!

What else is stopping you from visiting us? 

Call us at 011/3822-331. Looking forward to seeing you soon!



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