Frenectomy is a simple surgical procedure which most commonly refers to the removal of the labial or lingual frenulum. Besides a frenulum which connects the tongue and floor of the mouth with a jawbone, there is also a frenulum which connect the cheek with a jaw bone. It is actually a small fold of mucuous membrane, being a normal anatomic structure, while the problems are caused only if it is overdeveloped or placed in a suboptimal position. Normally, the Orthodontist, Periodontist or Prosthetics specialist would indicate if the frenululm should be removed. 

If the frenulum is placed too low, i.e.g. too close to the teeth, it can cause periodontal problems. This may cause gingival recession, wearing away of the neck and the root of the tooth and loss of bone, which can lead to losing of the tooth. In addition to the periodontal problems, frenulum may also cause orthodontic issues. The most common is the case in which the frenulum connects the upper lip to the jaw and adheres tightly to maxilliary molars. If it is overdeveloped and positioned too low, it will make a gap between the teeth, the so-called diastema, which represents an aesthetic deficiency. Frenulum may also cause annoyance for both the stomatologist and the patient who needs to wear mobile prosthetic device, such as a full denture. In these cases, the denture needs to be reduced in order to avoid the frenulum from interfering. Overdeveloped lingual frenulum is also quite common. It reduces the mobility of the tongue and can cause speech impairment.

Operation of the frenulum is simple. It requires the application of the local anaesthetic which eliminates any discomfort for the patient. After the removal of the frenulum, the wound is sewn, and after a few days the stitches are removed. Patients recover very quickly, especially our youngest patients. 

Operation of the frenulum – price 

Price of this surgical procedure at Pavlovic Dental Clinic is RSD 12.000.

In our office we have purchased BIOLASE, the laser of the newest technology for using in dentistry. 

Frenectomy can also be done using laser. After this kind of intervention, that is also done under local anesthesia, patient recovers quicker and has less pain afterwards. If you want this intervention to be done using laser of newest technology, the price would be 8.500,00. 

This intervention, as well as all other services at our Clinic, can be paid by cash, checks, credit/debit cards and through administrative order.



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