What are veneers/facets?

viniri, fasete, keramičke fasete, kermaički viniri, kompozitne fasete, kompozitni viniriNowadays, colour, shape and tooth position can be changed easily, so that every person can shine and be completely happy with their teeth – it only requires wishing to do so.   

In the XXI century we must not forget how much a smile is important and how much it affects our self-confidence. 

Why shouldn’t it be perfect then? 

Modern stomatology advances towards the methods providing optimal aesthetic outcomes while at the same time being minimally invasive and sparingly preserving tooth substance

One such method is crafting of veneers (facets). 

Veneers assume dental work which modifies the shape, colour and tooth position in the speediest and easiest way. Unlike crowns, where the entire tooth surface needs to be filed down by several millimetres, with facets – there’s either no filing down at all (non-prep facets) or it is minimal. The optimal situation is when filing down is done in such a way as to preserve part of enamel, as facets are best bonded to the enamel.  

Composite veneers

Composite veneers are a simple and quick solution for a majority of improvements we wish for our teeth. They are commonly made for the front teeth, in a so called aesthetic zone – the one which is exposed when we smile.

After just one visit to the dentist, patients receive a whole new look of their teeth. They are made from composite – material used for white tooth fillings. They are used to correct various defects – large gaps between teeth (diastema), misaligned teeth (crossbite/overbite/underbite), as well as tooth discoloration.

An important part of the dental exam is a constructive conversation with the patient. It is essential that a dentist listens carefully about what bothers the patient in relation to their smile and what he/she would like to change. This way we can jointly come up with the ideal solution for every particular case. 

Still, the durability of composite veneers is much shorter when compared to the ceramic ones. They demand frequent check-ups in order to follow up the changes which naturally take place on veneers and might compromise their appearance and durability. 

Patients should know that coloured beverages and food affect the colour of veneers (the same as they do to the colour of white-composite fillings), thus, they should be aware of this fact prior to taking the decision about the choice of veneers.

Ceramic veneers (facets) 

This type of veneers is more demanding in terms of their crafting when compared to the composite ones, but also much more long-lasting. 

Ceramic veneers are, as suggested by their name, a thin shell made from special kind of ceramic.

During the first visit, your dentist files down outer tooth surface and takes a tooth print. Our technician will make the veneer based on your tooth print in a short time. At the next visit, the patient tries the veneer and if the results are satisfactory, the veneer gets bonded to the tooth during the same visit.

Since they are made from very resilient materials, ceramic facets do not require special treatment to prolong their durability. It will suffice that the patient pays attention to not biting too hard on the solid food with their veneer-covered teeth. 

Price of veneers 

The price of composite veneers at the Pavlović Dental Clinic is RSD 12.000,00 per tooth.
If you opt for ceramic veneers, the price is RSD 30.000,00 per tooth.

Call us and make your smile more beautiful in no time!

Pavlović Dental Clinic awaits you! 

Don't forget that the dental exam is free of charge in our office for all patients who undergo the intervention they need. 

For others, the dental exam costs 1.500,00 dinars.




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