oralna hirurgijaOral surgery is a branch of dentistry which deals with oral conditions of the jaws and mouth structures requiring surgery. Most common oral surgical procedures inlude tooth extractions, both routine and surgical, as well as wisdom tooth extraction, operation of the cyst on the tooth root, treatment of oral infections, installment of implants, operation of the frenulum, sinus lift... 

All oral-surgical procedures are performed with the application of the local anaesthetic and are completely pain-free. Prior to the intervention, the patient undergoes a detailed examination and properly fills out the health condition questionnaire. After that, our surgeon performs the intervention, making sure it is done swiftly and comfortably for the patient. Even though the very word „surgery“ scares the patients, there’s no place for fear at the Pavlovic Clinic.

There are oral-surgical interventions aiming to make our patients beautuful, that is, their smiles, such as: clinical crown lengthening and many others...If you have any doubt about which type of intervention you need, call us and schedule an appointment at...



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