sinus lift, podizanje sinusaFollowing the loss of upper back teeth, the loss, that is, the resorption of the maxillary bone inevitably occurs. This causes the shrinking of the space necessary for the implants to be installed. The problem appears when the patient wants to replace the missing teeth with implants, but there is not enough bone height in the upper jaw, or the sinuses are too close to the jaw, for dental implants to be placed. That’s when we perform the sinus lift surgery.

Sinus lift can be performed in several ways. When the bone lacks only a few millimeters, the simpler technique can be performed, the so called crestal sinus lift. Using this technique, the stomatologist accesses the vacant space and uses an instrument to carefully enter the sinus and lift the sinus membrane. Then an artifical bone is placed and the implant is installed. Operation lasts about an hour and the patient feels well afterwards. The patients are prescribed analgesics and antibiotics, as well as nasal spray and advised to avoid smoking. After seven days, the stitches are removed and after 12 weeks the bone around the implant develops. This is when the prosthetic treatment can begin. You can read more about this at the page Prosthetics on Implants.

If the bone lacks more than 5 millimeters, we perform an open technique, the so called classic sinus lift. The first step is to make an access point which allows us to enter the sinus with special instruments, and carefully lift the mucuous membrane making sure not to damage it.  After preparing the space and installing the implant, the remaining space is filled with bone substitutes combined with growth factors from the patient’s blood (PRF). The administration of antibiotics is necessary with this kind of procedure, so as to avoid spreading of bacteria and occurance of an infection. Instructions for patients are similar to those provided for the closed technique, except that the patients need to wait 7 to 9 months to begin prosthetic treatment. The sinus lift requires a little more effort and patience from both the patient and the stomatologist, but still, it is an optimal method which allows those patients who previously failed to meet the criteria for dental implants to finally resolve their problem in the best possible way.  

Sinus lift price

Price of the sinus lift procedure at the Pavlovic Clinic is RSD 45,000.



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