Tooth extraction

vađenje zuba, vadjenje zubaTooth extraction implies the removal of the dental crown, a part of the tooth visible in the mouth and removal of the tooth root, which is held in the tooth socket. There can be many reasons for tooth extraction, but the most common are: parodonthopaty, advanced stage carries, serious chronic infections of the dental tissue, orthodontic reasons, as well as various systemic illnesses, such as chemotherapy treatment, etc.

Tooth extraction can be:

  • Routine, uncomplicated - the most common method 
  • Complicated extraction, when due to the tooth anatomy it is preferable to first detach the crown from the tooth root and extract them separately
  • Surgical extraction, when due to inaccessibility oral surgeon needs to make a small incision into the gum in order to access the root with special instruments, and the wound needs to be sewn afterward.

It is important for the patients to know that all extraction methods, including the extraction of the tooth root, are completely pain-free. All patients receive local anesthesia which provides a completely painless experience with almost no contraindications. Mild pain can occur after complicated or surgical extractions, which goes away after administration of the painkiller medicines, proven to be very effective. It is also important that the patients comply with the instructions provided by their stomatologists, such as to avoid hot food and drinks since they can enhance bleeding, avoid painkillers such as Aspirin, Andol, etc, which are also known to enhance bleeding, instead opting for Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, etc. Patients should also refrain from rinsing the wound, since it can cause a healthy blood cloth to fall off from the tooth socket and complicate healing, causing discomfort for the patient. All complications should be avoided by following through these instructions.

Tooth extraction price: 

Tooth extraction at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic ranges from RSD 3,000 for routine removal, RSD 5,000 for complicated and RSD 6,000 for surgical extraction. 

This intervention, as well as all other services at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic, can be paid by cash, checks, credit/debit cards and through an administrative order.

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