Teeth whitening is a method which helps you achieve the desired tooth shade in the shortest possible time, in controlled conditions and under the supervision of your stomatologist.

When you notice your teeth have lost their old shine, the time has come to visit your dentist. He/she will determine the conditions of your teeth and identify the cause of discoloration at the first appointment.

Causes of discoloration are multiple – ranging from intake of coloured food and beverages, injuries, to the use of tetracyclical antibiotics in early age or pregnancy.

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Home Bleaching – procedure

  • At your first appointment, your stomatologist will take precise impressions of your jaws, to model the so called trays.
  • You will receive your set of trays at your next visit, together with the teeth whitening gel kit. Nowadays, gels contain a smaller percentage of carbamide peroxide – 16%, making this whitening method less invasive.
  • Your doctor will explain to you in detail how to use each part of the kit.
  • It is crucial that you comply with these instructions, in order to avoid undesired effects.
  • Most commonly, gel containing trays are worn at night during several days, followed by a seven day break. The procedure is repeated until the desired teeth shade is achieved.
  • After a couple of weeks, you should visit your stomatologist, so he/she can evaluate the results of the therapy.

Are the teeth whitening effects lasting?

No. The acquired results are temporary. Aging is a process which cannot be halted, so consequently, the teeth continue to change their colour throughout our lifetime. Food and beverages also keep contributing to teeth discoloration. Due to this reasons, the whitening should be repeated periodically.

Teeth whitening – price

Home bleaching of both jaws at the Pavlovic Dental Clinic costs RSD 20,000. The price includes:

  • Preparation of the teeth for whitening.
  • Taking jaw impressions and fabricating trays.
  • Set of syringes with the bleaching gel.

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