What is dental plaque?

peskiranje zubaDental plaque is a soft, sticky film that builds up on the teeth surface. With time, the plaque hardens due to precipitation of minerals from saliva, coloured food, beverages and cigarettes. It creates dental calculus or tartar – hard deposits on teeth and tooth discoloration.

All these deposits cause gum inflammation – gingivitis. If the inflammation is left untreated, it inevitably leads to periodontal disease. It is a disease that results in loosening of teeth and their untimely falling out.

Only when we picture this image – an image of teeth free of caries which fall out – we can understand the importance of the regular and proper oral hygiene.

Why are removal of calculus and discoloration from teeth important?

It is also important to stress that tooth brushing at home, even with the use of dental floss and interdental brushes will not suffice. By doing this, only a portion of bacteria will be eliminated from the oral cavity. The rest of bacteria create tooth deposits and can be removed only with a professional dental treatment.

Tooth discoloration – removal

By coming to your regular check-ups once every six months, you make sure that your teeth receive the best care. Your stomatologist will tell you whether you need a dental cleaning to remove calculus and discoloration, which have deposited from your last visit.

There are several methods available:

1. Removal of calculus with ultrasound device is a common intervention for calculus removal.

2. Teeth scaling is an intervention which is used after the ultrasound, in case it was not possible to remove all stains from the teeth. The intervention is performed using a special AIR-FLOW device which blasts tiny abrasive particles under pressure. Those particles diluted in water, successfully remove the debris from your teeth and restore their previous shade and shine. The procedure is absolutely painless and safe, and patients can even choose the taste of the particles.  

Tooth scaling – price

Tooth scaling is predominantly used within the procedure for removal of dental calculus. The price of this intervention at the Pavlovic Clinic is RSD 4,000.

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