The loss of several teeth represents a serious issue. In addition to deteriorated easthetic, there are also complications linked with chewing and rapid decay of the remaining teeth.  One of the posible solutions is the making of a full (complete) denture or partial prosthesis.  Obviously, it is always preferarable to install an implant, but if the conditions for installing implants cannot be met, dentures would be an excellent solution. Depending on the numer of teeth which are missing, we can opt between: 

  • Full dentures

  • Partial prosthesis, with metal sceleton-wisill

proteze za zube, totalne proteze, mobilne proteze, wisill


FULL DENTURES are an option for patients who are left without any teeth in the mouth. Even though the full dentures are easthetically quite nice, patients may encounter problems wering them as they can somewhat limit the patients in their day to day functions.  It is neccesary that the patients give themselves some time to adjust to the full dentures, especially those who wear them for the first time. After just couple of days, they will get well-accustomed. If it is financially afordable, toothlesness is better resolved with the installment of 4 to 6 implants which can serve as the carriers of the fixed work or prosthesis carried by the implants. This option is much more comfortable and functional. Still, full dentures are largely in use, especially among our senior patients.  


MOBILE PROSTHETIC WORK-WISILL is an option for patients who have several of their own teeth remaining. The teeth are then strengthened to assume the pressure of chewing, which is much healthier for the tissues upon which the prosthesis is placed. Wisill prosthesis have a metal construction which makes them more subtle and easier for the patients to wear them. They are attached to the teeth with special metal clips preventing the prosthesis from falling off, while patients feel very secure wearing them. Combined work is often performed when remaining teeth are protected with crowns, enabling improved connection between the tooth crown and prosthesis. This kind of prosthesis is the most firmly attached to the teeth and the placing of the clips is avoided. Such work provides our patients with the easthetically and functionally superior results.

Price of full (complete) denture RSD 30,000 

Price of Wisill prosthesis RSD from 45,000 to 55,000.

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